Medical Records

Northwest Health Summit, part of which used to be Women's Health Connection, is having ongoing difficulties in obtaining a readable copy of its medical records.  NWHS was given a copy of a large database by our previous electronic medical records vendor which NWHS has been unable to translate into readable individual records, at least to date.   The EMR vendor has indicated that by providing NWHS this database, they have fulfilled their obligation to the practice by contract with respect to medical records. Some of the individual providers who used to work at NWHS continue to look for a solution.

The physicians who worked at NWHS have provided a detailed description of the difficulties in obtaining readable medical records to the Department of Health and the Washington State Medical Association.  The Medical Quality Assurance Committee has relayed back to us in an email that they feel that the providers who previously worked at NWHS have been doing the right thing, and have gone above and beyond the standard of care in their attempts.  At present, there does not appear to be a readily apparent viable solution to this problem.