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Practice has closed.

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Practice has closed

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Practice Closure

Women's Health Connection wishes to thank the community for their support during the 11 years that we welcomed and cared for patients in the greater Spokane area. 

Our practice formerly closed on September 16, 2016.  Women's Health Connection was a dba of "Northwest Health Summit".  The other divisions, including Metabolic Health Connection, and Northwest Psychiatry and TMS Services, also closed on that date.  We were able to continue to employ a medical records clerk until October 27th, and all requests received on or before that date were sent out per your request.

We are still accepting medical records requests, which may be sent to:

Northwest Health Summit

PO Box 28220

Spokane, WA, 99228.

For Records Requests Received after October 27, 2016

We are experiencing recent delays in being able to transfer these records, as we work with our electronic medical records provider, INHS, now known as "Engage", and wait for them to archive the charts in a complete and clinically meaningful way that can be transferred to you or your new provider by a HIPAA compliant third party medical records custodian. We have filed a Motion with the Court for receipt of the complete archives.  Once we have received these from Engage, we plan to have the charts available through a custodian, as above, for at least one year, and possibly longer.   In the meantime, we do have "read" access to the charts and can answer questions that you or your provider might have about what is in them.  Please call (509) 570-3703 if you have questions about your medical records, and one of our providers will do all that they can to help relay what is in your chart, and transition your care while we work with Engage to obtain a clinically useful archive.